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2022 Team Leaders Announced!

We were delighted to be able to announce our 2022 team Captains and Vice Captains at our annual 'Start of Year' event at the Orrong Romanis Stadium.

Being a team leader is a real privilege and the coaches put a lot of thought into

who were the best candidates for the role. We want our Captains and Vice Captains to be positive role models for their team and the Club. To encourage others to be their best and ensure everyone is having fun.

We also welcomed all our new volunteer coaches, assistant coaches and team managers at the event. The Club has also a big increase in membership, with over 63 new player joining the Club since January.

Congratulations to all the Club leaders, we wish you luck and remind everyone a great leader makes those around her or him better. Go Toorak!

Once again, a very special thank you to Lucy Zhu for the great photography.



Vice Captain

Toorak Tigresses

Claudia Trueman

Jamie Pratt

Toorak T-Rexes

Curtis Zepf

Hunter Idzes

Toorak Typhoons (Jnr)

Lucy Connelly

Leila Aquilina

Toorak T-Birds (Jnr)

Geneva Alexander

Harriet Sayers

Toorak T-Bolts

Lenny Saunders

Lachlan Harper

Toorak Tigers

Juliette Saporito

Emily Gelder

Toorak Tasers

​Eden Gutierrez

Nika Gubina

Toorak TopGuns

​Katarina Attwood

​Emily Burriss

Toorak TomCats

Max Sackl

Fred Jackson

​Toorak Tridents

Rentaro Tomaru

Jackson Hooper

Toorak Terrors

Jason Zhang

Maximum Edelsten

Toorak Tyrants

​Henry Brown

Fox Thompson

Toorak Trailblazers

​Lexie Strong

Lucinda Murnane

​Toorak Titans

Juliette Wilden

Melina Kalantsis

​Toorak Thunder

Ella Fawcett

Isabella Schiavo

Toorak Tomahawks

Daniel Hernandez

Miller Dempsey

​Toorak Tigersharks

​Beatrice Brown

Claudia Rowe

​Toorak Trackers

​Charlie Wang

Louis Ashe

Toorak Tornadoes

Eddie Hanneberry

Rafferty Block

​Toorak Tigerlillies

​Cienna Patel

Ivy Pedersen

​Toorak Terminators

Guy Forbes

​Max Wylie

​Toorak Typhoons (Snr)

​Mila Juricic

Charlie Gardner-Fuoco

​Toorak Tsunami

Angelica Karaka

Olivia Tsiafiogiannis

​Toorak Turbos

Oliver Stirling

Hugo Stratton

​Toorak T-Birds (Snr)

Kyra Ballyntyne

Pia Juricic

Toorak Trouble

Sam Hynes

Louis Corless

Toorak TigerCubs, Tarantulas, Tyrannosaurs, Troopers and Trappers are still being finalised.

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