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2021 Team Captains announced

Updated: May 19, 2021

We were very excited to announce our 2021 team captains and vice captains at our annual 'Start of Season' event at the Orrong Romanis Stadium.

Congratulations to all the Club leaders, we wish you luck and remind everyone a great leader makes those around her or him better. Go Toorak!

And a very special thank you to Lucy Zhu for the great photography.


Tigresses Ava Idzes Cindy Huang

T-Rexes Curtis Zepf Hunter Idzes

Typhoons Indi Peat Freja Bohme

T-Birds Maisie Senbergs Millie Roylance

T-Bolts Lenny Saunders Miguel Hernandez

Tasers Eden Guiterrez Adriana Sweeney

Topguns Evie Fletcher Juliette Saporito

Tyrants Sam Green Aarav Agarwal

Terrors Kareem Elzabri Trystin Milligan

Titans Aarna Ram Sienna Finlayson

Thunder Aneira Paul Ella Fawcett

Tomahawks Tom Fidogiannis Stefan Ristovik

Tigersharks Isabella Saporito Ivy Pedersen

Tornadoes Winston Pang Rafferty Block

Trackers Luca Parkington Louis Ashe

Tigerlillies Stella Waters Poppy Wallace

Terminators Guy Forbes Devante Smallman

T800s Daniel Karlsson Aadhav Krish Malavarayar Karthikeyan

Timberwolves Brody Rossney Charlie Price

Tsunami Mila Juricic Katelyn Truong

Typhoons (Snr) Izabela Ignjic Angelica Karaka

T-Birds Pia Wallace Ella Stratton

Taipans Anthony Trinh Sanjay Corless

Trouble Brett Boscacci Osman Haji

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